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Actress, Improviser, Host, Singer, Comedy Rapper Extraordinaire 

Elli Sherrer



Through the turbulent waters of the Pacific Ocean, Elli Sherrer swam her way to Los Angles from the tiny island of Kauai to embark on a quest like no other…acting.


How has her quest gone so far you ask? Well, she battles the improv stages at UCB and trains in combat in their improv Academy program. She duels it out on the regular with her multiple improv teams around the town. She also spits rhythmic words of death to any who oppose her path. If you even dare check them out on her journey’s YouTube channel Taryn & Elli!


Her quest continues as she plays characters from the earth and galaxies beyond. Be sure to follow her journey and see where the wind takes her next.  




Theatrical Agent:

Lisandra Pinuelas

2020 Talent & Lit.

310-770-0266 (LA)

503-890-0690 (PDX)

208-351-8015 (CELL)

Hawaii Agent:

Ryan Brown

ADR Agency

1127 Bethel St.  Unit 15 

Honolulu, Hawaii

Tel: 1-888-902-3414 

Mahalo for connecting!

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